Information about Sharing Is Caring


Sharing Is Caring - where kindness is also contagious!

What is Sharing is Caring?

  • Sharing is Caring is a non-profit online marketplace born out of the coronavirus crisis. 

  • Folks with excess essential goods and supplies can make these available on the platform to support their neighbors who need it most. Folks that need supplies can request help of their neighbors using the platform. 

What is Sharing is Caring's Purpose?

  • To prevent goods from being wasted during a time of global need and crisis. 

  • To help build a communal sense of giving and philanthropy in an environment of social isolation.



'Sharing is Caring' is a community marketplace where each participant assumes any inherent risk with picking up or delivering goods or services. 

The 'Sharing is Caring' team assumes no liability associated with any transaction that occurs on the marketplace, including, but not limited to, the quality and quantity of goods in each donation, the successful delivery of goods/services, or the good health of any participant on the platform.

Please follow CDC and local jurisdiction guidelines before engaging in any transaction. And please do not risk endangering others if you are feeling sick, practice good hygiene, and maintain proper social distancing. 

Sharing Is Caring is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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