Information about Sharing Is Caring

How it works

How 'Sharing Is Caring' Works

1. Create an account

- Click 'Sign Up' at the top of the website, and either use create a new account through ShareTribe, or use your Facebook account to login

- Confirm your email in order to login

2. Post a new listing

- If you have an available donation or have a request of the community, click the blue 'Post a new listing' button

- Select which category your donation/request fits under

- Fill out the remaining details. Please share as much as you can so we can help match donations and requests to the best of our ability!

3. Review existing Donations or Requests on the main page

- Check if you can fulfill any requests or if any available donations are able to fulfill your requests

- Click the 'Map' view to see donations/requests in your region

4. Make a Donation or fulfill a Request

- If you are able to fulfill a Request, hit the 'Offer' button and start a dialogue with your neighbor(s) requesting help

- If you are requesting a Donation, hit the 'Request' button  start a dialogue with the neighbor(s) offering help

- Users will be notified both within the Sharing Is Caring inbox, as well as by email


5. Coordinate

- Communicate with your neighbor(s) making the donation/request in order to arrange a meeting time and place for delivery of physical goods or a service

- Be sure to follow recommended CDC and local jurisdiction COVID-19 guidelines for safe delivery of goods/services, like a local dropoff point if your city/state is under 'stay at home' orders

- If you are sick or feel ill, please be responsible and don't risk infecting others! Find a way to ensure the safe delivery of goods


6. Close your listing

- Upon the successful delivery of goods/services, please select 'Close Your Listing' on your listing page, in order to ensure the 'Sharing Is Caring' platform only displays available donations/requests to the community


7. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues

- We'll get through this crisis if we work together!

- Click the 'Invite New Members' button at the top of the main page in order to invite as many people you know that might be interested in helping their neighbors

- Please share the link via your social media platforms as well

Sharing Is Caring is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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